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The Korean bacon is pork and

much thicker than the normal ones. They contain lesser oil as the oil is removed while frying. It is preferred to be eaten with wasabi vegetable or lettuce. If you go to a Korean bacon restaurant they will also serve you lots of Korean side dishes or ‘ban chans’, which also comes with delicious fermented bean paste stew . Some people prefer to eat them with warm rice. Some people put the bacon, rice, and a special sauce called ssam jang into the lettuce and wrap it together which makes you mouth dance.

The Korean bacon doesn’t always have to be fried, it can be boiled to make bo ssam which is eaten with unripe kimchi to give a spicy flavoring. Sometimes they put sauce on the bacon so then the flavor seeps through them while being cooked. It is mostly spicy or sweet.

Piece by : Roy Kim

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