Bacon is used in many dishes, ranging from the classic everyday breakfast of bacon and eggs all 


the way to gourmet dishes. This clearly shows you can put bacon in almost eve

rything and it’ll make it taste better!

Bacon has been and is being eaten all over the world, so many people, so many different ways of cooking this delicious protein. “I was in Austria and Hungary last December — their bacon is so unique, it varies from town to town. More of a thinner and not as heavily cured or smoked,” Reynolds said. “Mexico has the ‘chicharron’ – pork belly. I love this little Mexican tienda (shop) — I eat half a pound of chicharron and a Mexican Coke for lunch sometimes!” he said.

And, of course, there’s that time he ate whale-wrapped bacon in Iceland. There, bacon is thin and cooked like a rasher — English-style.

“Here (in the U.S.) bacon is very crisp. There, it’s a rare bacon and kind of limp. They don’t have a lot of fruit wood like applewood or cherrywood to smoke it with. The cure isn’t as strong and prominent,” he said. “There aren’t a lot of hogs in Iceland!”-

Here is a website where you yourself can try different recipes with bacon

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